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modjūl is a premium handbags and leather goods studio offering innovative designs that tell a story. Created using generational techniques and ethically-sourced materials, every item is thoughtfully constructed to last, both in quality and in style. Hand-crafted by the designer himself in an open and welcoming space, surrounded by greenery. Contrary to the tiny hole-in-the-wall leather workshop that often comes to mind. Each piece is one of a kind. Skillfully crafted with originality while embracing the Japanese principles of mottainai and wabi-sabi. Limiting waste while finding beauty in the imperfections that come with crafting by hand.

The Designer Behind modjūl

Although not his original direction, Stephen Brown was led to the artistry of premium leather goods by instinct and passion. With an appreciation for Japanese craft and a background in engineering, his design sensibilities are a direct reflection: meticulous, functional and consistent. He is sincere through his originality and keeps ingenuity at the forefront of every piece. Brown combines his innovation with classic construction techniques to create exceptional handbags and leather goods. Intended to inspire fellow makers while captivating those who appreciate the intricacies of crafting by hand. His work is unique, most recognizable for displaying his signature modjūl joinery.